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Vision and objectives

The Global Institute for Sustainability (IGS) was founded in Tecnológico de Monterrey Mexico City Campus in 2011 by Dr. Isabel Studer, to collaborate with the private sector to simultaneously promote economic competitiveness, natural environment preservation and social welfare. The Institute has the purpose to work with large and small enterprises to improve their competitiveness through the adoption of sustainable practices and to foster the transition towards a sustainable México.
On December 2013, The Global Institute for Sustainability (IGS) was incorporated to EGADE Business School (Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Graduate School of Business) following a double strategy: to strengthen the sustainable and competitive development as a pillar of excellence for the School, and to consolidate IGS work supporting the business sector in the field of sustainability and competitiveness.
Our mission is to inspire the business community to adopt a sustainable entrepreneurial culture, improving its competitiveness, reducing the risk which represents the current environment, and to allow them to take advantage of entrepreneurial innovation opportunities.
  • To generate and diffuse the knowledge about how the global limited natural resources and environmental risk context  demands a change in production and consumption systems to allow a more efficient and sustainable use of resources.
  • Collaborate with the private sector to increase the awareness and construction of entrepreneurial strategies which include sustainability as a key element of their business model.
  • To develop a close relationship with the private sector and academia, as well as the civil society, to build collaboration networks which facilitate the introduction of public policies and programs designed to move into a green economy.